What is Qvintip®?

Qvintip® is a self-sampling device with a detachable tip, that allows women to collect a vaginal fluid sample in the comfort of their own home, and tell whether they are at increased risk of cervical cancer.



Even if you have regular pap smears, HPV-tests offer extra security − 25% of the women that get cervical cancer each year had normal results in their most recent smear test1. Smear tests aren’t as sensitive as HPV tests.

HPV testing is more important the older you get. Women that are HPV positive in middle age are often carrying long-lasting infections, which may have caused cell damage.

Qvintip consists of a self-sampling device, a sampling container, a response envelope and instructions for use. The self-sampling device is used to collect a small sample of vaginal secretion. The detachable tip of the self-sampling device then goes in the sampling container and is sent in to a laboratory. An analysis identifies the incidence of high-risk HPV and test results are returned to users through e-mail. Please refer to the self-sampling instructions for more details.

Short background on self-sampling and Qvintip®

In countries with established screening programs, 30% of all women do not participate in any organized screening activity (1). Among the non-participating women, 64% of all cervical cancer types were found and more than 80% of all advanced stages of cervical cancer. This was the initial reason behind the development of Qvintip.

Please refer to the self-sampling instructions for more details >>



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