Large increase of cervical cancer in Sweden

For the first time in decades, cervical cancer is markedly increasing in Sweden. During the last two-year period, about 20 percent more cases were discovered than before and in seven county councils, the rate of incidence has increased significantly over the past ten years. But what causes the increase has yet to be discovered. New research…

Aprovix wins tender in Belgium

Qvintip was chosen by the Belgian authorities for a study later this fall with 12,000 women participating. Qvintip has now been selected in over twenty countries due to its ease of use and comfort. Qvintip is the choice of an overwhelming majority of women. For more info, please contact Lana Obolenskaja at

New study verifies cost effectiveness for self-sampling.

Objective. This study aims to identify possible barriers to and facilitators of cervical cancer screening by (a) estimating time and travel costs and other direct non-medical costs incurred in attending clinic-based cervical cancer screening, (b) investigating screening compliance and reasons for noncompliance, (c) determining women’s knowledge of human papillomavirus (HPV), its relationship to cervical cancer,…

Launches starts in CIS countries

Aprovix recently delivered 6,000 Qvintips to one of the former CIS states. This is the first step of three where the following step will increase the number of women participating to 10,000 already this fall. More news on this will follow. For more information, please contact us via

Aprovix launches new Cloud based screening solution

Aprovix have just released its latest version of QvinCloud that will help customers manage the entire process in their screening program. This will give operators easy access and maintenance of a complete screening program. For more info contact

Qvintip validated for high temperatures

Qvintip has together with our partner laboratory if choice been validated to withstand temperatures over 40 degrees in combination with high humidity, for more than two weeks without compromising the sample quality and end results. For more information please contact